“Pay no attention to the 2,000 patients we kill every month.”

Attempting to distract you from the number of malpractice injuries and deaths, a small group of tyrannical doctors are using their social status to take money to shill for civilian disarmament and pretend they speak for all in their profession.

They’re lying when claiming 2.2 million peaceful citizens are killers who are merely awaiting an opportunity.

Proof these few doctors are lying

Nobody is shot at the 1,400 shooting ranges in Canada. Compare that with approximately 30,000 annual deaths by medical error, according to Huffington Post.

In October 2016 Canadian Institute for Health Information said patients suffered potentially preventable harm in 138,000 hospitalizations in Canada. That’s about 1 of every 18 hospitalizations.

Compare that to the safest segment of Canadian society, 2.2 million peaceful gun owners, whose names are run through police crime databases EVERY DAY.

This small group of doctors trying to distract you KNOWS that all guns are illegal in Canada without training and police background investigations.

The small group of doctors distracting you also KNOW…
• Shooting a handgun in a city is illegal.
• Shooting people is illegal, except in self defense.
• A few gangsters are responsible for all the shootings in Toronto.
• The gangsters are using illegal handguns illegally smuggled into Canada.
• None of the gangsters have passed the training necessary to own firearms in Canada.
• None of the gangsters have passed multiple police background investigations necessary to own firearms in Canada.
• None of the gangsters have passed the DAILY police check against crimes passed by 2.2 million peaceful Canadian gun owners.
• It was a terrorist trained to shoot in another country, used an illegally smuggled handgun, to shoot white people on The Danforth in 2018.

When gangsters ignore all laws anyway, what good is another ban against innocent Canadians?

Yet this handful of doctors want already-banned rifles double banned… despite the fact that gangsters aren’t using rifles to shoot each other in cities.

This small group of doctors know they are wrong to ignore the harm they’re causing to tens of thousands of Canadians, while they attempt to misdirect your attention onto the peaceful, safest Canadians in the country.

This small group of doctors are lying when they say…

“Look over here instead, at these peaceful Canadians who haven’t hurt anybody, because we want you to fear they might hurt you.”

Does the doctors’ distraction attempt remind you of a scene in a famous movie?